Where does all the time go?  March 1, 2008 - June 4, 2008

Reading and Deliberating


I was reading and deliberating when the terrible loss occured. So I have reopened this contest, with a few more suggestions as to what I am looking for.

Submit a poem or story or something about Time. What theories of time do you have? Any sayings/quotes about it? What is it? Be creative! It only has to mention time in it in some way, talk about hours, minutes, days, years, how it passes, how it stops, anything! Amuse me :)

Though, I am more perceptive and interested in poems and how time passes, or like what we can learn from it, or how it gets used or something. Most of my own poems mention time in someway, so if you'd like, check out what some of my own poems, kinda for examples. (suggestions: Three Sayings, Standing in the Midst of Time, The Length of a Week)


a smile and a thank you for entering


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Does it matter?, CO


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