Who Do You See In The Mirror?  September 7, 2011 - October 30, 2011

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The DREAMER - these dreams of mine
The CONQUERER - [writing deleted]
The LEADER - A piece of reality
The CREATOR - Motivation
The MASTERMIND - Reflection -rewrite-
The DREAMER (Honorable Mention) - Mirror, Mirror, What Do You See In Me?
The CONQUERER (Honorable Mention) - My dear Loki
The LEADER (Honorable Mention) - Fun fact
The CREATOR (Honorable Mention) - Daddy's Girl
The MASTERMIND (Honorable Mention) - QUEST OF LIFE


I'm in the mood, to learn about a few personalities, like what type of personality, basically who do you see in the mirror other than a writer? Are You:
*A Dreamer like John Lennon?
*A Conquerer like William the Conquerer?
*A Leader like Martin Luther King. Jr?
*A Creator like Thomas Edison?
*A Mastermind like Artemis Fowl?

* Please use the following topics to describe your self. You don't have to compare yourself with my examples, just be yourself to describe your self. please!


Please be serious. No: In the mirror I see a handsome man...

That's it and do your best, let this contest have you reach beyond your capabilities of writing. Good Luck! :)


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