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Supreme! (Two Reviews) - Rose
Superior! (One Review) - They Don't Make Those Men Anymore
Commanding! - Cabin In The Woods
Interesting - Dissolution
Crowd Favorite - [writing deleted]


This is a contest I'm curious to employ, simply because it might be fun.

I am challenging you, Reader, to create a SMALL piece that is so vivid that it BEGS for a 'fleshing-out,' so to speak. By small, though, how long do I actually mean?

I think five-hundred words ought to cover it. Yes, '500' is the count I'm scouring for, and in those '500' I want to have as brilliant a picture as possible painted into my mind!

A few points of note. First, I don't care what subject matter you present, so long as it does not exceed the word limit. Second, the simpler a subject, the more apt it will be to succeed (i.e. don't get into epic adventures!). Third, your story must be AS CLOSE to the word count limit as possible, as this will be a measuring factor in your story's overall chance of success.

NOTE: Each contestant may submit TWO pieces for this contest, though only ONE piece per author may be eligible for a prize. Additionally, for the persons who score FIRST and SECOND prizes in this contest, I will provide TWO and ONE (respectively) review(s) for their chosen content! Be WARNED, though, that my reviews are wholly-honest, and I will not shy from pointing out any flaws in a piece, no matter its genre.

That all said, I wish you the best of luck, my Readers! Choose your words, wisely now!

On Saturday, Sept. 20, I will begin reviewing content that has been submitted for this contest. Reviews will be made public, and will reflect upon the level of goodness of each piece. In addition, separate "Grades" will be recorded for all pieces, and my First-to-Fourth places will begin to be decided.

From the aforementioned date until the closure of this contest, I would ask any individuals wishing to participate in the "Crowd Favorite" awarding to follow these rules:

1 - Submit a document to the contest entitled "CF Choice." This will allow me to distinguish it from all other participants easily.

2 - Within your document, list any reason(s) you feel the piece deserves to receive such an award. Only serious messages will apply for this awarding.

This "test run" will help me decide whether or not to include this medal in the future, and if I should bother awarding it here. It was a very "sketchy" plan, but it would be interesting to allow the viewers to choose their own winner as well as myself. After all, I'm not the authority alone on what is good or not!

Furthermore, anyone who votes for the "Crowd Favorite" awarding will be publicly named as a supporter of the winner during the "Celebration Ceremony," which will take place on the 28th, the day after the contest closes. The value of this award is simply the collective values of those who grant it, and will be perceived to be as valuable as those who receive it. As it is a bonus of sorts, this is more for vanity and acclaim, but that does not detract from its truest value!


S. D. Forogar
S. D. Forogar


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