Writing Challenge: Sensing is Believing  February 16, 2014 - March 2, 2014

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This particular contest is meant to be an exercise to test your skill in the use of concrete, significant detail to create a reality that is convincing. Therefore, I'd strongly suggest you to write a new entry that adheres to the conditions as shown below, though any earlier works you wrote that confirm to this contest are equally welcome.

Write a scene where your character is deprived of one of his five senses. Then, set the character in a situation where missing that particular sense would have an especially significant impact. The situation might put him/her at an advantage or disadvantage, but in any case, your character will have to compensate, wringing every bit of useful information (s)he can out of his/her other senses. Make the situation dramatic, one in which (s)he is driven by a pressing need or desire.

Here are some examples:

-someone on a very strict diet is at a party and stuck in a boring conversation near the buffet table
-a newly engaged husband is invited by his father-in-law to an event of wine tasting, but suffering from a special condition can't taste flavors
-a woman can see, but not hear, her husband as he talks to his ex-wife

The purpose of this challenge is to write a scene so vivid that the reader is able to identify thoroughly with your character as the conflict evolves.

Please limit the story to a maximum of 1,000 words (with a breathing space of 50 words), and indicate word count. Overly explicit stories are not accepted as well.

Each (appropriate) entry will be reviewed with constructive criticism. Winners will be granted an additional review to a work of their choice.

I wish every contestant the best of luck, and I am looking forward to seeing your entries.


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