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Sir Thomas Fein Sir Thomas Fein
A wealthy Englishman moves into a home on a secluded island. He begins being tormented by spirits, or is it his mind?

YOU...ME...CAMPFIRE  July 22, 2011 - August 1, 2011

Contest Completed


Fright Knight - [writing deleted]
Maggot Meal - Not As Innocent
Skin Crawler - Home for the Aged


please give me chills with scary scary stories, i want my skin to crawl and never want to pick it up again! I'm very hard to frighten so believe me if i pick you as winner you know your above amazing!


$0.00, 5 reviews of any selected work of yours and a unique comment for each place winner


Alex Figueroa
Alex Figueroa
Worcester, MA


11 Contestants
11 Submissions
Created Jul 23, 2011