You're writing me insane...  June 26, 2008 - June 30, 2008

Contest Completed


The Gemini Award - I have 'Dave's Syndrome' - [writing deleted]
The Manson Award - I have proved that there is no other quite like me - [writing deleted]
The Untied Shoes award - I am so nuts I don't even tie my shoes - [writing deleted]
The Evan Baxter Award - I tend to flip out on camera - Here I Am
The Ventura Award - I catch bullets with my teeth - And with shortness of breath
The 6th Award - I hold insane signs up on street corners - [writing deleted]


I want to see someone slowly going insane, it doesn't matter how, or where, or when or anything else other than someone starting off relatively sane, and then a descent in to madness, I will take extra notice to the more gritty, and physically descriptive.

It can be in any form as long as it fills the criteria, so go nuts...not literally!


I shall personally review any three pieces of the winner's work and give them 100% reviews on each


R. Warwick
R. Warwick
Northampton, United Kingdom


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Created Jun 26, 2008