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Reading and Deliberating


A lot of people have emotive lifestyles. I'm one of them. Just the way I am, I suppose. I've put the worst it behind me, but I want to hear your stories. More often than not, self-mutilation pieces are belittled and dismissed as pathetic, but I know how real the overwhelming nature of this life can feel. I don't care if you want to tell me about an encounter with the blade (or flame [my vice], etc.) or a time when you were busted or counseling on the matter or recovery or life since. My story, "Car-Say" might provide inspiration; no reviews necessary if you read (LINK: I don't mind if it gets a little erotic, if that's even possible. I just want the cold, hard truth. Nothing fancy, no lies, no exaggerations, no censorship, PLEASE. You'll feel better, I swear. Just let it out. I'd rather all pieces be told from an autobiographical point-of-view, but anything will be accepted. If I suspect what you've written is fiction, I'll contact you, and if I'm still not convinced, I'll disqualify the piece. This subject is all too real to be made a mockery of by liars. Any questions or comments, message me. I'm on mostly all the time. :) Best of luck, and I'll do my best to review each piece that is entered!


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