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You and Me [Love, Love, Love]  January 9, 2008 - January 23, 2008

Contest Completed


All You Need Is Love - [writing deleted]
Love Is In The Air - [writing deleted]
Wears Their Heart On Their Sleeve - A Distant Lovesong
A Peck On The Lips - [writing deleted]
A Peck On The Cheek - [writing deleted]
Holding Hands - [writing deleted]
Graceful Touch - The Shape Of My Heart
Secret Lover - [writing deleted]
Like Like - [writing deleted]
Crushin' - [writing deleted]


Since I've had a 'bleed your heart out' contest
Now I want a love contest.

Give me your best poems about love.
Come on, dazzle me. Make me fall in love.
I need some love in my life. (Sigh, to be single for so long..)


The Winner badge! :)


Created Jan 10, 2008