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I Never Saw That Coming - [writing deleted]
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Some poems have a hidden meaning, while others are pretty straightforward; Some poems are inspired by everyday life, experience and emotions whereas some are inspired by something so strange, you would never believe it.

These are the kind of poems my associate and I are looking for. We are looking for somthing out there that inspired you to write, that doesnt inspire everyone.

All we ask is that you submit your piece, with either the inspirational topic included or sent to me by message. Those who don't follow this format may be excluded from the final judging, because you really should read descriptions. :)

EXAMPLE: written byt a friend when she discovered she had lost her gameboy....
I sit here staring out of a window,
hands clasped
And empty.
Longing to feel you close,
Because I know I was the only one
That loved you.
You were the only one I wanted,
And you're still the only one
I think of.
There were so many things I still had to do
So how could I afford to lose you?
My misery hovers, dwelling
And though I've tried so hard
To find what is lacking,
My boredom is overwhelming.


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