color without color  October 22, 2007 - November 2, 2007

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here's the deal:

red is red and blue is blue.
dark blue is dark blue.

anybody can LIST colors by name, but it takes a real talent to DESCRIBE colors WITHOUT naming them.

are you confused?

here's the contest and it's on a volunteer basis, but there's one catch--EVERYONE will volunteer. get it?

1. write a poem that describes a color--everything about the color, the feel of the color, the texture, the taste, things that are that color...all that and more except...

2. you may NOT use the color's name anywhere in the poem or the title.

3. the goal of this piece is to describe all the things about a color that make it what it is. perhaps a brainstorm like this will help:

red: what makes red seem hot? or fast? why is it an urgent color? why is it the color of emergengies and warning buttons?

blue: why does blue seem calm? why does it make some people sad? why is it a synonym for the word sad? what does the color do to a room?

these are just some examples.

4. you may use any color you like (other than clear, which is not a color, dummy!) but keep in mind that some colors may be easier than others to get down in poetry.

5. the poem must be a minimum of 4 lines and a maximum of 50. keep in mind that if you try to do it in just 4 lines though, it will have to be probably the 4 best lines ever written. so don't try it, sucka.


school store gift certificate for 3$ for first place and 2$ for second place


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Created Oct 22, 2007