parenting struggle  July 3, 2009 - July 30, 2009

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Overall winner =] - ~ Christmas Hamsters and the Tote-er ~
Heart wrencher - Daddy\'s Little Girl
Can feel the parents love - [writing deleted]
Out of order - "ICE"~ and the Rugrats of God
Uncontrollable teen - My Baby
Most humours piece - Ready...Aim...Fire!
Most serious piece - Fire
Honurable mention - [writing deleted]
Honurable mention - ~ Free-fall from the Edge ~
Honurable mention - [writing deleted]


Write a poem, or short story about the struggle between children and there parents be it a story about the struggle over an argument or misunderstanding. Or simply the struggle parents haveletting there children be free in the world and accpetng that they've grown up and nolonger need them.
Very simply any struggle parents and children go thru be it simply the sex talk or what not any one will do.
Good luck


Ama May Cooper
Ama May Cooper
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