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the poet - The child
the writer - The Strongest Soul
the writers apprentice - Gone Forever
the reader - Me and ?


any poem that u can think of love ,hate ,sadness , faith i dont care just want everyone to post something .im looking foward to reading them but the winner is not going to be chossen by me but by everyone else.if ur new and want people to read urs then read someones eles and comment thnks. i will try to comment back and give honest feed back as soon as possible. im tring to juggle school,chores,trackand field, and writing in each day so plz if i do not comment right away plz wait cuz i will and remember i don't chose the people do. If anything or question message me plz I check this website often so I would be able to answer.anyone if you like a poem and send me a message with the name of the poem and i would count the ones with the most would be the finalist.plz send me the message plz


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