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Holy cow! Can I have yer babies?? - [writing deleted]
Jesus!! ... (yeah, I said it...) - Starving Artists
What are you on?? ... (you should share...) - Velvet
Can I shoot you in the face?? ... (in a good way...) - College Girl
there r monsters up in hurrr (!!!) - The Circus of the Smile


Let's get down to business.

I am broken and bedridden. Stitches come out Thursday (woohoo!), but who knows how long it will be until I'm allowed to be a human again? I sure don't (bummer...).

So, my dear comrades, your challenge is to entertain me in my invalid state. I'm super bored.

I'll comment all around. M'lady Ivy (hedra helix) has rubbed off on me and turned me into a compulsive reader. That, and I have nothing else to do. So why not...

Okay. Here are guidelines:
-I like funny; I like creative. Put the two together and you are probably good to go. But that's not to say it'll ensure a win. Nope. I'm fickle. What can I say?
-Clever is good too.
-Be somewhat original, please. I don't want eighty slasher poems. I don't want the trite, rhyming s**t that makes me want to go into a diabetic coma. (That doesn't outlaw love or dark stuff though... Fickle, fickle. Keep that in mind...)
-I am also:
attention span-less
... this means short pieces tend to hold me captive better. So... keep that in mind. If it's a long long piece, split it up into a few submissions so I don't want to shoot myself in the face. Otherwise, I just won't read it. Or I'll scan it and ignore half of it (that's not to say long won't work. you just have to be superawesome for it to work).
-I'm a dork. I also am a weirdo and possibly the biggest a*****e some of you have ever met. Deal with it.
-Poetry is probably going to get you the most brownie points (either that, or... not... fickle... fickle)

Please note: I would prefer you only submit one piece. The option to submit three is entirely based upon the length of the pieces... if there is a long piece, i'd like it chopped up into bite-sized pieces. But that doesn't mean I want three different poems. Well... I suppose the options are open for you. You just won't get any extra points by me... Dunno (I'm sleepy and incoherent right now).

That'll do it!

Message me with any questions.

Good luck, kiddies!!!!!


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