2 - The Hypocrite

2 - The Hypocrite

A Lesson by Meeks

When people say something but do the opposite. Like politicians today.


Hypocrisy is loathsome. False promises, empty hopes, kind of lying to everybody to get what you want.

But you want to know what's worse than a hypocrite? Well yes, two hypocrites, but also a hypocrite who doesn't think he's one. That type of guy that'd cheat you in a second but won't let you tell him anything about it. The bad bad guy.

One of the most important things in good antagonist creation is making sure that your antagonist thinks he's a saint. Which makes him a hypocrite, since bad guys don't really do saintly stuff. Make sure your antagonist believes what he's doing, make the reason logical.
Make sure that your bad guy really truly believes that he should take revenge on the whole world for being called a nerd in middle school. And that he calls middle schoolers 'nerds' right back.

So out goes the orbital cannon, and wshaaazzaam. The planet is now fried chicken. And it's all fine and dandy for the antagonist. Stupid middle school.

Anyway, a great example of a hypocritical antagonist is William Dorrit in Charlie Dickins' "Little Dorrit".

EXCERSIZE: set a timer for ten minutes. Write your character's backstory, how what he is doing is absolutely good and saintly and about how he is obviously helping the entire world, or at least the people he knows. 

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