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Ever thought that there is just something missing? In this small course I will tell you all the sneaky tips that I have learnt over the time I have been writing. 

1. As authors, it is our duty to create lovable, enticing characters and do horrible, evil things to them.

2. To write a good book you want people to care for your characters.

Example: A couple of teens are making out in a car when the radio announces a mad man murderer has escaped from jail. They hear something outside and the guy decides to get out of the car and have a look at what it is but suddenly the mad man pops out of nowhere and hacks him to death with a machete. 


What's wrong with the story? They were stupid, they deliberately put themselves in danger and when they were warned about a murderer the guy got out of the car. I suppose on a creative stand point some characters deserve to die. Ones that lack common sense and basic survival instincts. This particular story is not good because the characters are making choices the audience would not make, plus it needs a smarter lead.


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Added on December 19, 2012
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Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia

Hi I’m Lauren, I’m 15yrs old and I live in the Sunshine Coast Australia. I love 80s movies, skateboarding, italian greyhounds, comic books, swimming, writing, sleeping in, hanging out with..