Gaining Inspiration

Gaining Inspiration

A Lesson by J. F. Charleston

Some ways to gain it.


Inspirations can come from anywhere; books, songs, pictures, or even people. Sometimes it takes a long time for you to get a good inspiration, and then put it together for your piece of writing. Some would call this "writer's block." Writer's block is when you really have the urge or need to write about something, but you don't have any ideas for anything. I would suggest to:


1: Scroll through many pictures on the web and think on them for something that you could write about.

2: Listen to your favorite music. (It'll help you by sparking up an idea)

3: Notice the people around you. See how they are and think of their character and how you can put them into your story.

4: Books are also a good way to gain inspiration. Other authors' inspirations for their book maybe be a inspiration for you. (Don't copy their work)


Here are somethings that will help you get inspirations. Trust me, it'll work when you least expect it.

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J. F. Charleston
J. F. Charleston


"Write from the brain and heart. Join them to create one great piece of writing." J.F. Charleston.