Flawed by Cecilia Ahern

Flawed by Cecilia Ahern

A Lesson by Sarita M Wariyer

Literary book review Cecilia Ahern's book


In Flawed, Celestine leads a life that is perfect.

She has all she needs to choose from.

Friends, teachers and family mean a lot to her and she values these relationships that keep her going through difficult days.

When a sudden situation asserts itself, she makes a choice.

For it, she breaks the rules too.

The result is what she knew was coming but still goes ahead ready to take perhaps, a transfer as the punishment which will come or worse.

It is either imprisonment at the place or a partial ban or transfer or the denial of a just promotion.

It changes her life as she knows it but she takes it well trying her best to stay positive although some of what she has worked hard
for is taken away.

Foregoing perhaps, a promotion for what she believes with her heart is right and true, she is sad at the loss of a future better than now but happy knowing she has done what to her is correct.

In a place where every mistake will be punished harshly with no let ups and perfection is demanded outright, not keeping to them means one is flawed.

She supports a growing movement and group of juniors and some others and now has to face the consequences for the sacrifice.

Cecilia Ahern, the author makes a debut here that is simply put very memorable.

Notwithstanding the countless work hours put in, each of which she has to give a written account to her senior with the details, she has to think hard of the excuses needed to get away once in a while to be with family and here, inborn story telling instincts come to good use here.

Soon she works out a way and six or seven months here and there with family members at both ends pitching in to help makes it all possible.

Watching the long due promotion as per her qualifications, now far away in sight and a blurry vision of past dreams disappearing into the horizon but with the arrival still of the promise of a better family quality time.

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Sarita M Wariyer
Sarita M Wariyer

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