Every story or book has two charaters

Every story or book has two charaters

A Lesson by LadyKarissa

Every story, novel, play, or book has two characters.


Every story, novel, play, or book has two main characters.  They are the protagonist and antagonist.

The Protagnist has the leading role, and the antagonist is the person that opposes the protagonist.

As the course of the story, novel, play, or book proceeds with you may add additional characters to make up the story, novel, play or book.


You need to have a beginning, body, and an end to your story, novel, unless you plan on making it into a sequel, or a book in case you plan to make into several books. 


You can make a new protagonist up from the previous one like a daughter, son, niece, or nephew, and the same goes for the antagonist as well.


I think the most important thing is the background work you will do in your story, novel, play, or book and adding a picture can add a thousand words.


There are plenty of great pictures and vintage postcards on line that are in public domain that you may use in your story, novel, or book.


You may google the topic to public domain pictures and vintage postcards, and it will show you where to go.


I also think the historical setting is important to anyone's story, book, novel, and play.  It can make it even better.


As, we process I will place lessons for everyone to do and they can post them back to me.


I would be interested to see what genres you write, how your style in going, and etc.










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Posted 7 Years Ago

What if the "antagonist" isn't a person? Remember what we were taught in school, that the basic plots are "man versus man, man versus nature, and man versus himself"? Seems like 2 out of 3 don't have another person as the antagonist.

Even a sequel needs a beginning, middle, and end.

"adding a picture can add a thousand words" Illustration is cheating. The author should not get "credit" for anything they didn't create. If you want people to know what something looks like, DESCRIBE IT, don't get a pic from someone else and say "this is how it looks."

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