Finish Line

Finish Line

A Lesson by Alex Pratt

This is the third lesson. I hope you are enjoying the course.


Hey, you're almost done, pal! This is getting exciting, right? These are the tools you will need for today:
Microsoft Word (if your story was on NotePad, copy and paste it on Word)
Now, let's see. You've got your story almost done. But there's a few more things we need to do. First of all, open to your story. Read the first sentence. Do the words flow together well? Finally, read your story one last time. By now, you need a break from all that writing. Just click here for some funny jokes. Once you've had your fill of humor, go to the next lesson "Advertising and Finance"! It's just a click away!

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Alex Pratt
Alex Pratt


Hello all! My name is Alexander Pratt, I'm 18 and I love writing! I'm going to pursue a minor in English and a major in Digital Media while attending Wichita State University. I've published a book al..