The Writing Process

The Writing Process

A Lesson by Alex Pratt

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Okay. So the writing process. Where do I begin? Not only am I asking myself this question about what I will write, but this is also what you need to ask yourself before you begin writing. Whether it being a poem, a novel, a short story; always plan out the main storyline first.
So what should you think about first? I usually think of the plot of my story. After I develop a plot/story, I think up the characters. The characters you think up should give you more to write about. For example, if you write about a ditzy girl in a zombie apocalypse, you could include more suspense and thriller in your story.
Then I begin writing a rough draft of my story. By rough draft, I mean rough rough draft. I will usually type it all up in a Word file (you can use any word processing software) and then go through and edit afterwards. Usually the easiest way to write is develop the whole idea in your head, and then let your fingers do the work.
Once I feel that the story is good enough, I will let someone I know and trust read over my story. They will usually give you feedback if they believe something is wrong with your story. Usually this is the long process of writing. After you feel that your story is finalized and ready to put on WritersCafe or send it in to a publisher, you need to think of a title. This is the process of writing I hate the most.

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