CCCC Lesson 2 ~ General Information

CCCC Lesson 2 ~ General Information

A Lesson by The Phantom King Alchemist

Part 2 of the Character Creation Crash Course.


Okay! Great to have you back from Inspiration land! Now that you've got your inspiration it's time for the next step. This is one of the important ones so you better listen up!

The next step in Character Creation is your General information: i.e: Hair color, eye color, height, weight, etc. For this I'd take a sheet of note book paper and write yourself a template. Like I have here.

D.O.B.: (Date of Birth)
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Other info: (This is where you'll put down anything not mentioned above like Face shape, Scars, Favorite Color, Favorite Food, etc. Even if it seems random write it down!!!)

Okay so there it is, it's pretty self explanatory but lemme just delve into the "Other Info" section before we go on. Okay so even though I briefly told you what it's about up in the list, I want to go over it more just so you understand that this might be one of the most important things on this list.  The "Other Info" section can be used for (like I said before) Favorite color, Favorite food, Any scars or birth marks he/she might have, or any other little notes about the character. Now here's the key thing, even if you think it's random and has no meaning what so ever, STILL WRITE IT DOWN!

Even if (for example) your character is... well here I'll show you.
Here's my example for you:

Name: James
Age: 19
D.O.B.: March, 25, 1992
Race: White
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Hazel & Blue
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 200lbs
Other info: Definitely not scrawny, Likes his mother's version of Mac and Cheese, Hates Pink the color but loves the musician, Doesn't have a girlfriend or boyfriend as of yet, is bisexual, Really enjoys watching Rugby, Speaks with a British Accent sometimes, Lives in Pennsylvania, and Secretly Crochets.

That's what I'm talking about. Even if it's completely random like the fact that James, "Hates Pink," as in the Color and not the musician, put it down. You'll be amazed to find that even those random things like that and the fact that he "Secretly Crochets" could come in handy!

For another quick example lets say that James here has a crush on a guy (We'll call him Brad) that his best friend (We'll call her Jessie) introduced him to at a Rugby game they went to one time. So James here decides to crochet Brad a scarf and give it to him for Valentine's Day (Aww ^^) because it's still pretty cold up here in North East in February.

That's how random facts like that can come in handy, they might be actual plot points! Huzzah! Okay so this now will give you your Skeleton (and maybe a bit of muscle) for Character.

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Posted 8 Years Ago

This is good - you've gone beyond just the list of traits to show how they can be used to flesh out the character.

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