Lesson One

Lesson One

A Lesson by The Godfather

A lesson in character creation.


When you create a character, you need to know that character from it's very beginning to it's gritty end. When someone slaps him/her on the face, how will your character react? Only your character knows until you discover your character. Don't think your creating someone -- although technically, yes you are but forget that -- but think you are reading a book, yes reading a book of someone's life. Know that movie Stranger Than Fiction? Watch it, because thats what happens. When you kill off a character, remember, that person had a family, friends, enemies. People who moran for him/her and rejoice now your character is gone. 

The only way I know how to do this, is to glimpse into my friends. I know exactly what my wife would do if I were to slap her in the face. Her mouth and face would show her shock, then anger, then I'd be running for the hills. So somewhere out there, in a story of mine, there is a woman who is exactly like that.

Thats how I "create" my characters, I borrow traits from people I know. Then I put them through extreme situations in my head, over and over again, I cry for them, I laugh for them, I get angry for them. I know everything they will do. When a dog barks in total darkness I know my character will run in fear! Or bark back. When her husband slaps her on the face, I know exactly what she will do.

So try it. Create a short story into someone's life. Maybe the Life of Jane. Or Bob? Maybe Allen. And then compare your character in there, to the character in your other works. :D Have fun! 


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