1) Fantasy

1) Fantasy

A Lesson by Yvette Umphrey

Try picturing a new magical world. Describe it carefully. Think tree! Describe a tree in a fantasy land.


The blue trees glimmered as they swayed in the autumn breeze. The dark brown trunks so fragile looking, almost as if the breeze could knock it down. But there they stand, strong and sturdy, invincible to the wind. The pale blue leaves catch the rays of the yellow sun. They glisten and gleam with every shudder of the flowing wind. In a tiny nook there sits a nest. This is no ordinary nest. This nest is full of Agumi birds. Much like a kiwi, but yet smaller and more structured like a crane. The nest if filled with pink eggs, that will soon hatch into minute Agumi. The song of the Agumi is so rare that if it is managed to be heard, it is treasured forever within the crevices of our memory. Many insects inhabit the tree, small bugs, medium sized bugs who eat the small ones, and the large bugs that eat the medium, but are eaten their selves by the Agumi. This tree sits here all alone, up on this lush green hill, wating for the rarest song of the Agumi. It is a gift in itself, but withers slowly as it decays from age. The only seed that it can be reborn from is in the very center where nothing can penetrate it. It grows when a tree dies.


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Such a great content of writing .Thanks for sharing us this valuable info .

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Posted 5 Years Ago

I have read this post about fantasy. I think this post try picturing a new magical world. Carefully describe it. Think of the tree! Describe a tree in a fantasy land.
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