The Ideas

The Ideas

A Lesson by Jewel Ailiyah-Celeste Lanmont

When you are done with finding a message - what do you do next? Find ideas... But how?


Well, you found out your message, now what?
This might take several days: finding ideas to express the message. Or this might just spark in your mind in one second, matters on your creativity.
If it takes longer, then this is what you should do:
Lay the message aside and think of life situations you've been through that are relevant to the message. Write those ideas down in your small notebook you should have near you all the time. Then, wait two to three days and do the same. Throughout these three days, look at what is going on around you and remember the message you want to express in writing. When you get an idea, write it down in your small, handy notebook. On the third day, look at your ideas and maybe you could connect them in such a way so that you could show the message without telling it. You don't have to connect all of the ideas, just two or three would be enough.
Sometimes you could do this step before the first step - choosing the message. Then, you could do this first, and after choosing the ideas - the message could show up on its own!


"Crazy Girl": I thought about the theme I was given: books. After that, I chose the message and waited three days. This is so that I could gather ideas. Happily, it worked.

P.S: I only gathered ideas when I didn't have writer's block - a very annoying "sickness", don't you think!
P.P.S: And, when my mind wasn't tired and was fresh.

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Posted 8 Years Ago

I have a question. I was almost tempted to raise my hand o_o
Haha anyway, this is pretty useful as most of my stories have that underlying meaningful theme to it. But what I have noticed is that I cant seem to be able to carry that meaningful theme throughout the story and it diverts at some parts.
I know its a little vague to understand, but there is a way where I can incorporate that and still keep the interest of my reader?
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