Female Characters

Female Characters

A Lesson by Whitefire25

How to make a girl but not a mary-sue


Your character first of all, should have a character FLAW. Something they aren't good at or something they hate so much it interferes with everyday life. A hatred of anything at all. a fear of something. Then secondly you need what they look like. Think of all your favorite characters.

What do they have in common, slashing eyes? Straight hair? Bright white skin? Try to think of what you like best on a person and if that look fits the personality profile you're going to make up next.

Think of all the little things they do that could possibly annoy someone else, like tapping fingernails on tabletops. Think of the big things they're good at, like sword fighting, monster fighting, shooting.

Okay since she's female she either needs to be icy-cold or bright and cheery. If you want her to be in the middle that's fine but it's not as interesting.

 Lastly, put it all together with dialogue. They need a catchphrase. something kids will repeat. And that is how you create a female character.


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Added on September 2, 2012
Last Updated on September 2, 2012

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