Lesson Two

Lesson Two

A Lesson by Brandee D. Hack

A poetess? A poet? Are you one of these? Then this lesson is for you!


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Posted 6 Years Ago

Change then in step five to when. :)

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Posted 9 Years Ago

This is for poets!

Now, I hope that the first task has helped you.
Now I have another task for you!

Here it is:

1. Think back to the previous lesson and what you learned, it will help.

2. Go find two of your favourite poets -- one must be male and the other female.

3. Find a work from them that you like or that just simply stands out.

4. Take this work and analyze what you think it means and post it here.

5. Then you have done STEP 4, then take the two works that you have found and make your own poem with a combination of their writing styles! BE CREATIVE!

Note: This is for fun and it will help you better get in touch with how to write. When you analyze something, you may see something that no one else does! So we want to hear about it. For example, what do you think about Shakespearian Sonnet Number 35? You may see something that we don't. Have fun with this! All writers are different and have many different styles, what's yours?
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Brandee D. Hack

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