A Lesson by danluvmag

If you're writing a book, a story, or a simple narrative this lesson may help you.


Cutting the fat, and saying what you mean.


            This is the skill that separates a strong, clear prose from a weak, monotonous drivel. The goal is to minimize excess, so that the reader’s mind is free to roam, effortlessly, from one paragraph to the next; concentrating on images, instead of words.


            There are times when a bit of literary flourish and dazzle can help to spice up an, otherwise, dry exposition. But we, as writers, can often be a bit lavish in our work; spinning silky phrases, and weaving glorious, golden threads of poetry into panoramic, paragraphical quilts that generally lose all context to obscurity (if you get my hint). But in the end it’s up to your discretion. Many great stories have been written in the long-winded style, just as they have in the short and terse. My goal is only to help you clarify.


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Added on January 26, 2010
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