Poetry Option 2

Poetry Option 2

A Lesson by Jodi Eaton

Imitation Poem


Some people properly connect the word litanies with religious services. But the litanies we will be discussing are more those with repetitions and chant-like qualities. Here is an example that has repetitions, probably could be chanted, and may also connect vaguely with some religious meaning of litany. Repetition is a key component of this type of poem. It might be a repeated end-rhyme, a sound, a rhythm, a pattern of lines, etc.

Come up with your own poem using repetitions as a key component of your piece.



Forgive the far cast to my eye

           the way it closes to praise.

Forgive breaths I've taken

           from lungs of the poor.

Forgive the smile held back.

Forgive my not calling Jack

           whose mind has cracked

and forgive times I dreamt unneeded dreams.

Forgive the bitter whine to my shout.

Forgive money spent, but more

Forgive all money saved.

Forgive my ears their theft of music

           my nose the smells inhaled.

Forgive sights I've kept as my own.

Forgive pride and sloth, forgive

           not forgiving. Forgive even hope.


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