Poetry Option 3

Poetry Option 3

A Lesson by Jodi Eaton

Antonym Poem


Brainstorm a list of antonym pairs. Select a pair to write about. Assemble specific details that fit into the categories chosen. Examine Coatsworth's poem below and look at the pattern and the rhyme scheme. Write your own poem.


Swift Things Are Beautiful


Swift things are beautiful;

Swallows and deer,

and lightning that falls

Bright-veined and clear,

Rivers and meteors,

Wind in the wheat,

The strong-withered horse,

The runner's sure feet.


And slow things are beautiful:

The closing of day,

The pause of the wave

That curves downward to spray,

The emeber that crumbles,

The opening flower,

And the ox that moves on

In the quiet of power.


Elizabeth Coatsworth

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