Poetry Option 4

Poetry Option 4

A Lesson by Jodi Eaton

Write a poem about why it is hard to give away or get rid of a sentimental thing. Try to write it in such a way that the reader feels the reluctance or the nostalgia that the things invoke in you, the author.


Option 4




"Why don't you throw this away?

It's nothing but junk!"

are things I ask myself

everytime i clean my room.

Old drip bottles, little figurines,

stuffed animals, finger paintings,

grade school artwork...

you name it, I've kept it.

"But it's not junk,

it's memories."

I no longer see old junk.

I see old friends,

a time of cut-and-paste,

and everlasting recollections

of the good 'ol days.

"They're not junk!

They're priceless."


Nikki Zuniga




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Jodi Eaton
Jodi Eaton

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