Poetry Option 5

Poetry Option 5

A Lesson by Jodi Eaton

Write a poem bringing back to life a particular meal that is both ordinary and memorable. Make the reader feel as if he/she is witnessing this moment.


Option 5


Christmas Eve Dinner


Candle lights burning bright,

soft instrumentals played in the background,

the delectable aroma of mom's cooking,

and the family sitting around the table,

anxiously awaiting the meal.


It was my sister's idea to have this special dinner,

usually we spend the Christmas holiday in Minnesota,

with our relatives.

But this dinner was special,

so special, all of us will never forget.


We drank out of goblets,

used no utensils,

and listened to strumming minstrels

of another time.


Cornish game hens, filled with stuffing

potato wedges, smothered in cheesy


tiny bread rolls, a Pillsbury speciality

and fruit salad, sweet fruity, but

no spoon?


It was my dad, who showed us the solution,

shaking off my mom's suggestion for

making an exception,

instead he just shoved his face in his bowl

and devoured his fruit salad.


Nikki Zuniga

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Jodi Eaton

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