Planning it Out

Planning it Out

A Lesson by Tomislav Petricevic

The first step for writing your novel


"Why do I need to plan out my novel? Isn't it enough just to get a good idea and a bit of inspiration?" You now ask.

Well, if you're a writing veteran, sure, it's enough. But if you, like me, think it's quite challenging to write just 100 pages, let alone a 400-page book, then you have to give it some thought before starting. Ask yourself some questions and try to find the answers.

First of all, think about the world. Is it a regular medieval kingdom? Or perhaps a land with it's own set of rules? What are its inhabitants like? Is magic a part of it? If it is, you need to think of a good way to present it, without making it look undeveloped and just "thrown into story". And if your story is taking place in the real world, where will it exactly take place? You can't keep saying "He crossed a street, then he crossed the one after it..." You need to be informed of the city, you need to get to know it a bit.
Drawing maps also helps with planning out the world.

Secondly, think about your main character. What is his goal? How does he intend to accomplish it? How does he fit into the world and what is his opinion of it? Your main character shouldn't be someone you'll hate writing about.

Lastly, think a bit about the story itself - where will it take the main character and stuff like that. Write a few short notes about the main story, just enough to know what you want to accomplish with it. Your character should shape the story while you're writing it, but you don't want to go off-track.

Just don't rush your idea and take as much time as you need. That way you won't have to battle with yourself after every parahraph you write.

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