Creating A Language

Creating A Language

A Lesson by Daelmaron

this is to help you create your very own unique language for your fantasy writing


Your first step would be to research a compendium of example languages that are similar to what you are creating a language for. For example, if you were looking to create a language for a race of elves then you might look up the compendiums for the elven language that Tolkien created when he wrote Lord of the Rings to get a good idea of what your language should sound like. Then you can begin to create your own language following the example set by the compendiums.

Your next step would be to try and create your own sets of words, granted you can use the words already provided by an already existing language for all of your writing, however I generally find it to be more entertaining both to yourself and whoever reads your writing to supplement the words you take from other existing languages and create some words that you yourself made, that just sound like they would fit in.

In order to create your own language you might want to take a small 1 subject spiral notebook and just write down combinations of words that you try out until you are satisfied with one that you can sound out while making them fit into the language you want to write. While you do that you might reserve a couple of pages in the very back of the notebook simply to write down the words and create a meaning and translation behind them, creating your very own compendium for your language.

Things to remember:
-There are plenty of examples out there for all kinds of languages, don't be afraid to use them
-The words you make don't have to be exactly perfect for the language, a created language rarely ever is... its a trial and error process, just make them sound like they fit in when you sound them out
-Every word should have a meaning if it is going to appear in your writing often enough to beg an explanation as to its meaning.
-Keep track of your language so that you don't lose the work you have done.
-Creating a Language for anything, particularly books is a very long and stressful process but in the long run it is very rewarding as a unique language for your book will set it apart from other authors should you become a published author.

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