Good grammar and Spelling

Good grammar and Spelling

A Lesson by Agent 2814

a short lesson on the importance of good grammar and spelling


now i know my spelling is not the best but my grammar and vocabulary when im talking to others is unparalelled so far by anyone i have ever met.

so to start i shall explain the importance of checking your work. at the end of writing a book of story i most of the time read through it twice, correcting spelling and grammar errors where possible and if your like me, and make up strange words and names, i add them to the dictionary on my MCRSFT word client.

if your anything like me you will know the sting that comes with a negative review, though i have never recieved a review from anyone else on this site i can tell you all the other sites ive been on have given me lots of bad reviews but ive grown from them, so to avoid critisism where possible check your work, then check it again and i mean really scrutinise your own work, hammer a ruitine into yourself where at every new chapter you go back and correct any spellings in the previous chapter.


thats all i can say for this lesson so until next time.


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Added on January 16, 2013
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Agent 2814
Agent 2814

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