First Step: Brainstorming

First Step: Brainstorming

A Lesson by Ten

The first step is brainstorming. Here are some tips for brainstorming your idea.


Everyone here is a writer, so I am going to assume that everyone here has a very active imagination. You have probably heard the saying "let your imagination run wild"; however, you should not let it be TOO wild. For you see, if you let your imagination and ideas get too farfetch, you are never going to come up with a good solid idea to write an entire book on. Instead, you will end up with all these plot points that will overwhelm any reader. Instead, let us find a way to train yourself to brain storm efficiently!

Inspiration is always key. To become inspired there are multiple things you can do, such as: read a book, watch a movie, listen to music, take a long walk, ask "what if" questions to already established plots, roleplay, make lists of your favorite characters/books/movies and reasons why, and so much more! REMEMBER: keep a pad of paper with you while doing any activity that you think might spark imagination! Do NOT get into the habit of thinking that you will remember it because it is such a fantastic idea. 

Example: I write down a list of my favorite movies and realize that most of them have something to do with identity (Psycho, Fight Club, Homicidal). Therefore, I know that I really enjoy stories that involve something with identity. Because I know so much, I feel comfortable enough to write a story about it.

After being inspired, think of a short blurb for a story. Make the blurb two sentences or less. This will force yourself to think of a high-concept idea. If you can't explain your story in less than two sentences, you haven't thoroughly thought-out your idea. You do not have to love your blurb at first, but have something to run with and you can change it later. Coming up with this blurb early on in the stage is important in writing your novel quickly and efficiently. If you did the "what if" option during brainstorming, it is a perfect transition into a blurb!

Example: This blurb is from the story "Jurassic Park": What if we could clone dinosaurs?

And that is brainstorming! Up next: Characters!


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