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This lesson is on how to make characters unique to your book!


Alright! Now that you have your storyline going, or at least a basic idea, now it is time for you to make some characters, puppets to which YOU are the master! Your characters MUST be unique, else your writing will be bland and cliché, and we certainly don't want that ;) When creating characters, the ONLY sure-fire way to create 100% UNIQUE characters is to put a little bit of yourself in each one! Tailor your characters to fit your story! Make them dynamic, make them learn! Make them feel! Also: Describe your characters! how they look, the colour of their hair, eyes, lips, skin, cloths, etc.

Tips on making dynamic and likeable characters: Make them have a sense of humor! Have them periodically make jokes, wise-cracks, smart mouth comments, and other verbal actions when necessary! Have your characters fit the story! Make them appropriate to the time and place! (Unless you are writing a story that mixes times, people and places and blurs the line between reality and logic)

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Added on November 14, 2014
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Ryan Henderson
Ryan Henderson

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