A Lesson by Ryan Henderson

This lesson will be on how to make dialogue for your characters.


Dialogue! The thing that makes your characters likeable and fun! Having good paced, relatable and realistic dialogue is the key to having characters as such! A character is what he/she/you portray them to be. If you give a character monotonous and bland dialogue, that character will come across as being bland and boring, as the dialogue would suggest. The dialogue makes the character who he/she is, so make the dialogue fit the character! Also, write in character. This is a VERY useful tip in creating realistic dialogue for your characters; Pretend that you ARE that character that you are writing the dialogue for. What would he/she say/do in that situation? Do this and you will surely have amazing dialogue for your characters!

Tips for making awesome dialogue: Make the dialogue lively! Make it grab the reader's attention, not deflect it. You are also going to want to have a saying/dialogue style or 'tone' that is unique to a character, to make the reader remember that character easier.

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Ryan Henderson
Ryan Henderson

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