Curing and Preventing Your Writer's Block

Curing and Preventing Your Writer's Block

A Lesson by Ethereal Melody

Writer's block, Schmiter's flock. Lets get over it already.


There are a few ways to cure yourself of "Writers" or "Creativity block".

Writer's block is really just an overload of ideas in your mind, like a dam in a large river. Think of the river as all of your ideas combined. Inspiration is all around you. You just have to lift the dam.

One way is to simply write. Whatever you feel, everything you are thinking, try to unlock the emotion of what you are feeling RIGHT THEN, and put that on the paper.

or- Go critique something. Go find something wrong and correct it. Chances are you'll get an idea of how YOU would do it, or that it would be better "This Way". If it doesn't work, Critique a few. It's like trying to trigger a memory. You have to poke that spot, just right.[This works best for perfectionists / those with minor O.C.D]

You could also, do something you wouldn't normally do, to get yourself thinking again. Meditate, or write to a random prompt.  Or enter a contest, try to challenge yourself. Or give your opinion on something You've never heard of or talked about. SOMETHING to open up your mind again, to relax the muscles in your brain. Something I do is go and horseplay with my younger brother. Children always seem to have a way of making you see things with a new point of view. 

The mind is a muscle like any other. Creativity is a skill, like any other. If you don't use it you lose it. As you get older, it helps to teach yourself new things to keep your brain young. Ever notice how children are absolutely full of crazy ideas? Take a class, teach yourself a new language, or pick up a hobby. You'll be writing again in no time. 


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