Inspiration - The Start of Everything

Inspiration - The Start of Everything

A Lesson by K.C Angela

How do you get ideas for story writing? Where does it all begin? One word: Inspiration.


It all comes down to one thing when you write your story; inspiration. Without it, us writers are nothing. You can gain inspiration from anything, including people...

You may be stuck for an idea with a story - or, perhaps, you have the dreaded Writer's Block. We all get it sometimes. We either have too many ideas or none at all.

How do we get inspiration, then?
Well, first thing's first, keep an open mind. The more you actively look for inspiration, the less likely it is to come to you. Don't go in thinking you'll spot something and immediately come up with a story idea. You've got to let the idea come to you, not the other way around, no matter how stressful that may be.

There are ways of making the ideas come a little quicker, though.

For me, music is a very big inspiration. Go and find some awesome music and listen to it. Imagine a scene unfolding before you and the story might appear along with it.

I also highly recommend paying more attention to your senses. That is; sight, smell, taste, touch and hear. Focus in on little details like these and you'll see that a bigger picture may unfold. Sometimes, a particular feeling may evoke inspiration.

For example, with me, it's my love/hate relationship with rain, as weird as that may sound.

All in all, I advise every writer to go out and enjoy the world. Take in everything and let a picture form in your mind. Weave that into the life of your story.
Good luck!


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Added on May 25, 2017
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K.C Angela
K.C Angela

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Hello! I am an aspiring author who writes YA and Fantasy fiction.