Creating a "profile"

Creating a "profile"

A Lesson by Silent Wolf

Answer all the questions thoroughly, even if you might not use that information in your piece. It's easier to write a character that you know more about. I am not taking credit for this, I'm actually taking this from a handout my teacher gave us. It's an excerpt from Cleave and Pierce's Behind The Short Story. I actually find this very useful when creating a character. :3


Even if you plan on leaving your character unnamed, or don't plan on describing the clothes they wear, go ahead and answer these questions anyways. It's easier to write about your character if you know more about them. 

1) What is your character's name? What sounds right for this character? What fits? What does the name suggest about your character's personality? Does your character use his/her given name or a nickname? If so, why? Has your character ever had a nickname? 
2) If you were going to buy a casual outfit for this character, what would you buy? What image does he/she cultivate/portray? What does this image say about him/her? 
3) If your character could have three wishes granted, what would they be? 
4) Likewise what three things does your character most NOT want to happen to him/her? 
5) If you were to enter this character's bedroom for the first time, what would you notice? Name four objects that immediately stand out. What are the dominant colors of the room? What sounds do you hear? If you were to spend and hour snooping in this room, would you find anything hidden? If so, what? 
6) What obsessions does your character have? 
7) Describe your character's belief system - or lack of belief system - and sketch out how he/she came to believe these things. 
8) Late at night, you are talking to your character, perhaps after having a few drinks. There's a good honest mood moving between the two of you. Finish each of these sentences in the voice of your character. 
~"To understand me, you first need to understand..." 
~"I don't usually tell anyone this, but when I was a kid..." 
~"If I had a million dollars, I would..." 
9) Where does your character work? What specifically is his/her job? How does your character feel about this job? How long has he/she worked there? 
10) Describe your character's average Wednesday. Where is your character at 8 am, 10 am, noon, 3 pm, 6 pm, and 10 pm? how does this compare to an average Saturday? 
11) How much money does your character have in the bank or in investments? Where did this money come from? 
12) What are your character's most substantial character flaws or shortcomings in personality? Does he/she recognize them? 
13) What are your character's most significant character strengths? 
14) Does your characters have any brother or sisters? If so, which one is his/her favorite, and why? If your character has only one sibling, what does your character like best about this person, and like least? 
15) How many close friends down your character have? Name them. 
16) Who is your character's closest friend and why? Describe their history as friends. 
17) What is the worst thing your character has every done? 
18) Describe your character's relationship with his/her parents. 
19) If your character were to die today, what would he or she most like to be remembered for? What would other people actually remember him or her for? 
20) List three things about your character that will most likely NOT be included in your story. 

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