How to start

How to start

A Lesson by Anonymous

we all need to start somewhere and I will help you get there


Where To Get Ideas From

You should remember this forever. Your writing should be always based on your life. Your life is your inspiration. It would be deepest when you stick to these rules. If you use you life as an inspiration you could get any ideas you want. If your writing about losing yourself and feel empty, when you write about that get yourself a referance. Think about that time you fell off your bike and scraped your knee. How much pain you felt should be seen in your writing. This is all what this lesson would be today. I want you to think about what type of writing you will write. If you think you want to write about a happy poem, dwell on a happy and joyous memory. Think of the time it was your birthday and you got plenty of presents, or think about the time when got an A on your test or paper. When you write a deep and sad poem you should think of unbearable memories. An example is a death of a loved one. Your poems should show us, your readers, what you think about writing it. It will be best if you follow the rules. You may sent me you pieces to get my opinion.


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Added on April 2, 2017
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