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Alright, Writing fiction is really simple. All you need is to think. It's important, If you don't think about your story and hand it to a publisher yelling "LOOK AT THIS, THIS IS PERFECT" Is not going to work.

What you need to think about is: 

1, How many characters? Don't give too many, 1-3 should do perfect.

2, The setting? Come up with your own fictional setting, Stealing from another person does not help.

3, The plot? How good is your plot? Did you really give it your best or did you just go "Meh, Put some action and there I have my plot"?

4, Plan out the story. If you manage to create the entire plot, Good for you! if not, then you can just make it as you go.

that's it. stay tuned for more lessons!


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Posted 5 Years Ago

Cool lessons. I do them, you‘re good, fictionstorie.

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Posted 5 Years Ago

Man, I've got the dialogue down pat but my plot is really taking a beating.

I finished my book and then tore it apart to make it more complicated and Literary, but I'm having trouble putting all of the pieces back together.
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