When to use magic

When to use magic

A Lesson by Matthew Ian Herrawood W

for a good Fantasy story you need to know when to use magic and when not to you cant just throw it around.


Most people think writing a fantasy story is the easiest choice when writing a story just throwing magic around-they did this and then made dinner with magic noticed that persn was asleep and using magic coverd them with a rug-not very good and simply too easy. magic makes things happen ussally significant even if its somthing small like moving an object a meater the out come is significant. the best time to use magic also depends on who is using the magic. for example a charictor that is creating prblems for the main charictor can use magic quite a bit especilly if that charictor is evil but you should keep some powers you want them to have in reserve for the final confrontation. the main charictor/charictrs however should be restricted in their use. important things may happen mostly when they use magic s that is fine but make sure if there is somthing they can do without magic then it is done without magic have magic as a last resort of the main charictor or somthing but make sure they dont always use it.


Magic can be great for solving problems you have you can use magic to explaine somthing or achive somthing. but if there is another way for it to happen somthing that could really happen and your just too lazy to find out stop writing and wait untill your not too lazy (this comes under the "realistic fantasy" heading and will be more coverd in more detail later). magic does extrodinary things that cant happen in real life keep it that way.

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Posted 5 Years Ago

It would be a lot better with better grammar. However, it is actually really helpful and a little common sense.
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