Why I don't like most boys...

Why I don't like most boys...

A Lesson by Rainbow Skank

ya....this is somthing kinda emo when u realy think 'bout it........but i couldn't think of anything else...but explainging wat happens when u like someone.....


                 Love ends with sorrow  because you meet your first love thinking that they're the one. Sadly you realize that you're over exaggerated although you may find it hard to move on at first just remember that unless the person that you like has these qualities; likes you, cares about how you feel, tries to help you when you're upset, truely sees you for you are. Loving someone is one thing but obssesing over someone is another thing. If you don't something stupid in front of the one you like(oftenly), then he, or she, just might be the one. The thing is that you have to do those stupid things by accident because....girls aren't stupid and not all boys are gay (retarded). You need to make a good impression on the one that you like. Don't hide or push the one you like away, or you have a better chance of not ending up with that someone. Try not to hide the fact that you like this person, if they ask you who you like be honest. Lieing will make the person like you less then they already do. Boys tease on girls when they like them, but they don't show honesty which most of the time will make the girl you like end up with someone else. Don't stay in a shell and by your self...talking to the one you like that can increase their feelings for you, if you don't talk rudely to them. When a boy talks to a girl most boys tend to tease the one that they like...don't do that girls really hate that (trust me I'm a girl and I know things). Girls tend to flirt when they talk to the boy that they like...(sometimes flirting can work). Girls can tease boys when they like them but, don't do that you'll lose a chance with the one you like each time you tease them. I wouldn't date anyone unless they asked me out because some boys would say yes to going out with girls and they don't even like the girls. I tend to have a certain taste in boys; taller than me, cute, smart, energitic, playful, likes sports, likes action, doesn't mind if I am affraid of something, and has to be nice to me and treat me right. Everyone has a different taste in qualities for chosing 'the one'. To me most boys are just idiots unless they have at least five of the qualities that I like in a boy. Usually I wouldn't talk to the any boys unless they talk to me but I sort of give them an attitude. Boys hardly pick on me so, that's how I think that I now that they don't like me.                                                                                    


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Added on January 27, 2010
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Rainbow Skank
Rainbow Skank

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