Lesson Four: Tools & Clothes

Lesson Four: Tools & Clothes

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Clothing is really something to look to art for, as are tools and weapons.


-Lesson Four: Tools & Clothes


An assassin isn't much without his knives and traps, and a knight isn't much without armor and some sort of weapon. But don't forget, even 'normal' characters have tools: Geeky kids have pocket protectors and Dungeons & Dragons sets, while Paris Hilton has her bubblegum and  designer handbag. No character is complete without SOMETHING to wear or a certain tool (even Adam and Eve had a fig leaf each [insert lol here]). But not just inanimate objects. A knight might have a horse or in more fantastical cases, a dragon or drake, while Paris Hilton has an ugly chihuahua. The tools and such should fit the character (and they might not always have the same clothing or tool with them, but the replacements should still fit).




Blacksmith= Hammers, possibly a mule. If he's out traveling (in a fantastical world) he might have a warhammer or sword.

Monk= Perhaps a walking staff, prayer beads, robes, it all depends on what he's doing. Formal circumstances may mean more decorative robes, while traveling might mean simplicity.

Commoner/Peasant= If he's a serf, he should have farm or working tools like a hatchet, scythe, or shovel. If he's a modern common guy, he might have a regular cell phone and maybe a pocket knife.

Noble= Being lavish and wealthy, most nobles wear fashionable clothing with a lot of jewelry, possibly a circlet. A common noble outfit includes breeches, tall boots, and either an over-robe or long coat.


Remember, your character also needs a way to carry their tools (except for a witch, who may not even need the tool and just use their magic) so be sure to pay attention to belts, bags, load-bearing animals and vehicles or even squires. A soccer-mom might have a van, a knight has a horse (unless he's Monty Python's Arthur from the Holy Grail) and possibly a squire (which MP's Arthur did have. With coconuts).


-Taiylor Wallace

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Posted 6 Years Ago

Agreed. Good sense of humor by the way. ---->

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Posted 7 Years Ago

The squire is far more important than the horse. Just look at SCAdian knights. Most of 'em wouldn't know how to ride a horse if their chances of ever drinking beer again depended on it... but they've got squires by the dozen. :)
Good job giving contemporary examples for everything as well and not just ones specific to fantasy/historical fiction.
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