How to come up with chilling names

How to come up with chilling names

A Lesson by Angela Simmons

Villins or Herod you mead a name that will fit the charecter perfectly


If you are writing a story about a plane that crashes and you need a name for the pooled that flys the plane and saves the day you might want a name with less if a mystery tone to it like Kenny or mike . In other situations you might need the name of a detective so you would put something like detective Bridget justice if you want it to be ironic to there job or if not you can put something like Ralph Channing . You need a name that will stick out and make people remember your story so it will stick . You don't want a victim to be called rose downfall or something that does not even sound like it could be a name like just hurdin or something like that .

Think what you want you Characters backstory to be , if they are French you may put pier as there first name , or if they are german you can put Fix as a last name . It would need to be something that would go with there culture.

If you chapter is nice then you may want a name such as Britney or heather also these would work if they are sassy and sweet .

If tey have a dark background and are known to be nasty ,Doug or Anthony would fit them perfectly .

In the comments put a little paragraph introducing you Charecters and how you got there names jn your story

New lesson will be up in three or four days


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