ARGH, Terrible!

ARGH, Terrible!

A Lesson by LynnWriter

Here we go!


Hello. I am Lynn, or L, as some people call it. When writing poems, I believe the poet should not have rules. Each poet is different, and should do what makes them unique. Now, I like doing ', instead of doing this classic ", when writing speech for my characters. I believe that it's original and different, and makes me stand out. Now, I'm not saying you always should use either or, but they make it easier for the reader to understand.

Topics- There are different genres to poems and stories, and they are wonderful things; it should be clear about what you write about, and it's easier if you make it clear. You should always review your writing to make sure it you are on topic. If you switch POVs (Point Of Views), then you should make sure you make it obvious. 
That's all for today! Hoped this helped!

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Added on February 4, 2017
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I like writing poems and stories.