Number one.

Number one.

A Lesson by gloomysundays

The first tip I have to offer you guys on becoming a better author.


01. Listen to music.
Yep! You heard me right. Listen to as much music as you can. It influences your mood in more ways than one according to here and plenty of other scholarly articles online. Music can open your mind, relax you and take you places you've never been but it can also tap into that side of your brain that is bursting with creative energy.

Now, a very important factor is what kind of music to listen to. If you're a person who is easily distracted then I recommend that you listen to instrumental music. Don't, however, get the idea that instrumental music comes in only one simply genre. Instrumental music doesn't necessarily have to be an hour long piano tune or some sort of xylophone solo. Heavy Metal, Jazz, Funk and more are music genres that are available with no vocals whatsoever. So whatever you need to set your mood is available both with or without vocals.

Taking into consideration that music doesn't affect everyone the same way, I can't exactly suggest a genre for any specific setting or scene happening in someone's story.

For example, when I write particularly violent scenes I like to listen to old tracks from the 30s and 40s. Songs from artists like Edith Piaf and Nat King Cole inspire me to write these gory scenes. This idea derived from many horror movies like The Shining, Jeepers Creepers, Watchmen, etc. Perhaps this kind of music wouldn't have the same effect on another person considering every different person reacts and thinks differently.

Using this trick will also open you up to new music tastes. Perhaps you'll experiment with music you never thought you would listen to.

Plug in your headphones and enjoy the tunes, guys. Any questions you have, go ahead and ask in the comments section or feel free to send me a message.

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