Number three.

Number three.

A Lesson by gloomysundays

Third lesson! Sorry for not updating in a while. Haven't had time but let us continue!


03. Review and edit.
Always, always, always review and edit before you publish your work. Doing this spares you being told by reviewers that you "have a spelling mistake here or are missing a period there".

When people read your work for the first time after you've posted it and it's riddled with mistakes, it affects the reader. One can be deeply immersed into something and then suddenly pulled out of the hypnotic trance you had them in because you forgot whether it was "your" or "you're".

It's not even that hard of a task. Simply scroll back up to the top of your page and begin rereading everything you've written. When you come across a mistake, fix it and continue doing so until you reach the very end. If you successfully read through your whole piece without finding a mistake, try rereading once more before publishing. Sometimes it'll take a person a few tries to catch something that's out of place.

Try this out and you'll see that you'll be much more satisfied with your writing! If you have any comments or questions, feel free to send me a message.

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