2. Plot Layers

2. Plot Layers

A Lesson by Hingabe

Let's add some layers.


It's important that you understand the difference between subplots and layers.  Subplots are plot lines given to different characters, while plot layers are given to the same character.  How many layers can you add to give your story depth? What coating can you give your protagonist or antagonist?  Contemporary breakout fiction novels use a LOT of plot layers, which shows the complexity that most people feel is the condition of life now.  
Some examples can be an alter ego, spouse leaves, has a gift for seeing the future, or strange childhood beatings.  Anything that isn't your main problem, but can make your story more complex and realistic. 

-- What is your protagonist name?

-- What is the overall problem that he/she/it must solve?

-- What additional problems can he/she/it solve? Not complications, but altogether different problems? 

-- For each plot layer (or at least two) that you have added, work out at least four steps or scenes that you will need to bring this narrative lines to its climax and resolution.  Make notes for these additional steps or scenes. 
Layers give novels the rich texture of real life.  What is it that gives them that power, that drive?  There are levels of problems that he must solve: public problems, personal problems, and secondary problems.  Only you can choose if these plot layers have to do with anything related to the main problem. They can also intertwine, making the story more like a mystery novel. 

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